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Digitization and multimedia techniques studio - Pro Tempus

How do we work

Digitization and multimedia techniques studio - Pro Tempus

ISA Certificate of Competence

Pro Tempus Paweł Myszka obtained a Certificate of Competence issued by Image Science Associates and AC&C Sp. z o.o.

The process of digitizing cultural heritage resources requires the use of technological solutions ensuring the highest quality of reproduction. The imaging quality control system we use - Golden Thread, developed by Image Science Associates in 2006 has become an international reference and internationally accepted standard for digitizing cultural heritage resources. The Golden Thread System is based on individual FADGI color and resolution targets, which are each time used to certify the lighting and the reproduction scale of the reproduced work.

Since 2010, the recommendations of the Golden Thread System based on tests on FADGI targets are the basis for controlling the digitization of works art. It is a system commonly used in the processes of digitization of works of art both in the USA and in Europe.

Paweł Myszka has been awarded by Image Science Associates and AC&C with a Certificate of Competence of compliance with the FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative) requirements , confirming its competence in the field of the quality of reproductions necessary for the digitization of cultural heritage resources.

ISA Certificate of Competence have and use only four private companies in Poland.

Digitization and multimedia techniques studio - Pro Tempus

The Pro Tempus digitalisation and multimedia techniques studio gathers people for whom the protection of Poland's cultural heritage is a particularly important issue. Pro Tempus actively works to promote these values.

Existing since 1989, Studio Pro Tempus is a recognizable company on the commercial photography market.

I am pleased to boast of my contribution to the new permanent exhibition opened in the last days of January 2020 at the Wawel Royal Castle under the name Wawel Recovered. The Pro Tempus team is the author of all 10 multimedia programs presented at this exhibition. Four of them are interactive applications.

The team of specialists whom I invited to cooperate in the implementation of the programs is -
Maciej Widzowski - photography, DTP, video montages
Beata Semik Kozłowska - photography, DTP
Dariusz Bartoszewski - graphic design of the whole
Piotr Jankowski - music setting
Przemek Mielcarz - programmer of interactive applications
Marcin Sulowski - programmer of interactive applications
Alicja Stettner - 3D model engineer
Konrad Stępień - 3D model engineer, RaspBerry programming
Krzysztof Gadacz - Polish speaker
RS Media - English speaker

Work on the programs took 12 months. Work on the programs took 12 months. The scope of work was wide - digitization of files, file processing, database construction, 3D animation and rendering, object registration using drone and mosaic photography, scanning Wawel ceilings, constructing interactive applications and many others. Hanna Myszka supervised all the work.

We work with the Association of Monument Conservators. The result of this cooperation is the digitization of the oldest years of Conservation News and the implementation of the interactive Polish Biographical Dictionary of Monument Conservators.

We work with the Association - the Polish Brotherhood of Gutenberg Knights. Cooperation with the Brotherhood resulted in many works on documentation and digitization of cultural heritage collections. We were able to complete documentation of historic churches in the Lesser Poland and Podkarpackie voivodships, as well as in Belarus. Among them were the unique beauty of the Orthodox temples. St. Archangel Michael in Turzańsk, entered in 2013 on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and Church of St. Boris and Gleb in Grodno on Kolozha.

We also digitized and published about 3,000 archives from the collection in Ukraine on the website. Among them are documents, manuscripts and incunabula (written in Polish, Latin, Church Slavonic, Ukrainian) - extremely valuable for the history of the multinational culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. They come from, among others from the resources of the State Central Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kiev - a family archive of the Potocki, Lubomirski and Rzewuski family archives from the 17th to the 20th centuries and unique manuscript documents, the oldest of which dates back to 1369. We also carried out interior digitization projects and collections collection for the Łańcut Castle Museum.

Our experience and technical facilities allow you to start cooperation with cultural institutions. When implementing digitalisation projects, we use the most modern digital technology that allows us to reproduce originals with large resolutions (gigapanorama effect using the technique of mosaic photography). We also carry out projects of virtual walks around the interiors of the objects with the possibility of virtual moving around the next rooms. We work using 3D modeling.

For the implementation of projects related to the digitization of museum, library or archival objects, we use a professionally equipped photographic studio with full post-production photography (preparation of multimedia or classic publications in codex form) - we have a DTP studio. In 2015, we launched a 3D processing station based on Autodesk software. We have a professional shooting drone (UAV license - VLOS).

The founder of the studio is Paweł Myszka.



Presentation of some of the work carried out in 2011-2020


Wawel Recovered - multimedia at the permanent exhibition at the Wawel Royal Castle


Polish Biographical Dictionary of Monument Conservators for the Association of Monument Conservators


Documentation of the church in Kolozha in Grodno - Belarus


Documentation of the Pidhirtsi Castle in Ukraine


Digitalization of the wooden church in Uście Gorlickie - Poland


Digitalization of the wooden church in Nowica - Poland


Digitalization of the wooden church in Pielgrzymka - Poland


Digitalization of the wooden church in Hanczowa - Poland.


Archives of Romuald Biskupski and the Orthodox parish in Torky


Digitalization of the wooden church in Szczawne - Poland.


Digitalization of the wooden church in Turzansk - Poland.


Digitization of archival collections from the collections of the Central Historical Archives of Ukraine


A collection of paintings by Artur Grottger in the Lviv Art Gallery


Digitization of the interior of the Castle Theater in Łańcut - Poland.


Digitization of the collection of the Book and Printing Museum of Ukraine in Kiev - Ukraine


Digitalization of the church in Posada Rybotycka - Poland.



Our offer is very flexible. For the implementation of each project, we organize teams of specialists - if our own capabilities do not allow you to complete all the elements of the task.

about us

studio of digitization of cultural heritage - Pro Tempus

Apart from commercial orders, our studio implements projects for the digitization of cultural heritage collections. Both of these activities complement each other perfectly. Our professional experience and technical facilities in both cases allow us to perform works at the highest required level. This applies to both technical issues and work discipline.

Our offer includes full digitalization of various facilities. The execution standard is the performance of works in accordance with the parameters described in the Catalog of Good Digitization Practices announced by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The principle of operation is the complexity of implementation. As part of cooperation in the digitization of collections, depending on the subject of studies, we organize teams of specialists in their fields. We provide cooperation of art historians, conservators, specialists in the digital processing of graphic files, web programmers, 3D graphic designers and CAD designers. If necessary, we construct special equipment to perform non-standard orders.

The studio equipment is adequate for the tasks being carried out. We have equipment and software for digitalization in the Gigapanoram technology - we achieve reproduction sizes over 45000 pixels. We also provide the opportunity to access reproductions made in this technology through specially prepared websites. We have equipment and software to perform virtual tours of the interiors of objects with the possibility of interactive control.

Our equipment allows you to run mobile stations, or take photos in hard-to-reach places (for example, tripods with a height of 10 m). The studio is equipped with two professional shooting drones - DJI Phantom 4 Pro. We have a ULC - UAV VLOS certificate that allows you to perform work with the help of drones. Thanks to this technology, we can make maps of areas, parks, as well as 3D models of buildings, photogrammetry buildings.


Studio - ul. Sapiehy 6, 05-080 Izabelin, Poland


Paweł Myszka -

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Paweł Myszka - +48 601 350 170

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